Librarian turned laundry wench.

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm so glad you're here!

I've been a children's librarian, a teen librarian, an adult reference librarian, an archivist, the kid who shelves all the library books, and (years back) an ice cream slinger.  

Now I work for my kids. The pay is paltry, but I find the subjects quite amusing. 

Regardless of my "official" title, I can't stop reading, thinking about, and writing about books. My interests include not just children's fiction and non-fiction, which are my first true loves, but ideas as to how to incorporate extension activities into kids' books, and literacy and reading tips. I'm also always on the lookout for cool stuff related to books, like games, toys, and party themes.

In terms of adult and teen book-a-philia, besides great read themselves, I love book-related quotes, art, clothing, decor, crafts, and pretty much anything else! Check out my Pinterest pages, linked below for more on these interests.

Come join me in the perpetual search for my next book fix!

You can reach me at abooklongenough at gmail dot com. Or click on any of the social links below: