Good News Amidst Relentless Rain

So this weather is really really sucking the world's sourest lemons, but I have been at least reading the rain away and yesterday got some news that made me très happy, despite the cabin fever. 


Whoopty wooty woo hoo!!! I have been waiting to read this for a very long time and now it is mine for free (thank you Download Depot) for 14 days on my lovely newish Kindle Fire, with which my husband was gracious enough to present me for our anniversary. 

Did you know that Angry Birds is extremely addictive? 

Anyway, I extremely heart Kate Atkinson; she is a genre-bending genius writer, the talent of whom I teeter between admiring and being extremely jealous of ...

In other news, I finished this last night ...  I highly encourage you to watch the video below. I leaked many tears over this one. Odd to me, in that I mentioned in an earlier post that I don't cry over many books, and yet this is the second one this year that has broken my heart into tiny bits. It's about love and death, and also very funny, and asks some existential questions about the meaning of our time here on earth. I very much hope you will read it, and the author's other titles for that matter. Looking for Alaska is particularly stellar.

That's all for now. If you're vacationing in Florida this week, you have my deepest sympathies. Proper rain arrives after 2 p.m. each day so that we can enjoy watching the steam rise from the streets of the subtropical rain forest and marvel at the difference a four degree drop in temperature makes. Rain should not show up in the morning, when we are supposed to be poolside, beach blanket bingoing, or on a slow boat to the Keys. Blech.