Favorite Books for Babies (0 to 24 months)

I was very blessed to have the opportunity to speak to a MOPS group yesterday about how to get babies and preschoolers into reading. I hadn't done a gig like that in several years, and I had a really wonderful time. I shared my favorites for each age group, including some novels and memoirs about women for the moms to read, and the moms asked some really great questions. I'm posting the hand outs here this week. Stay tuned for more each day!

Below you'll see three sections. The high contrast books are for babies 0 to 12 months, the baby faces books work from about 6 months to 18 and the rest of the books are usually best for babies ages 12 to 24 months. Keep in mind the age ranges are merely suggestions, so do what works best for you and your child.