Playing Around with Pinterest

Did a little online research to figure out how to share my Pinterest boards without just a boring link ... Pinterest is an awesome way to share books when I don't have time to write a blog post! Here's a collage (via BeFunky) of my tweenster's all-time favorite novels. I'm very lucky to have kids who enjoy reading and are happy to share their book reactions with me. Based on my daughter's opinions (and a few of my own), I'd recommend these for any middle schooler looking for a great read. See the full board here with all of the titles or just click on the collage below. Here's the description from Pinterest:

She's a book reading machine ... but starting to get a little pickier as a tween. Her favor genres are historical fiction, realistic fiction (she especially loves books with sensitive and "other-abled" protagonists), mysteries, and fairy-tale spin-offs (sub-genre of fantasy). She also LOVES graphic novels. She reads a book or two a week, and this board features just those she especially loved over the last two years or so.