Fangtastically Creepy Bookish Things: Library Ghosts

I'm a child of the eighties, as in Madonna, pegged jeans, and Pac Man. One of my favorite funny movie memories from back when you had to go to the theatre to see a new flick (we didn't have a VCR yet), was seeing Ghostbusters. I was ten. I laughed so hard, snarfed on a lot of yummy artificially-buttered popcorn, and had the pants scared off of me a couple of times, too. 

Some of my favorite scenes in Ghostbusters take place in the New York Public Library, of course. Libraries are the perfect setting for the fantastical, as proven by Harry Potter, and an even better place to be scared to death.

Remember this?

ghostbusters library scene

That lovely lady in pink later turned into something super scary.

And this?

ghostbusters card catalog

The flying card catalog was so freaking cool, but it the entire experience did kind of throw Librarian Alice (as she's known in the script) for a loop.

ghostbusters librarian alice

Remember these lines?

Peter Venkman (Bill Murray): “Have you or any member of your family ever been diagnosed schizophrenic or mentally incompetent?”

Librarian: “Well, my uncle thought he was St. Jerome…”

Peter Venkman: “I’ll call that a big yes.”

Also this:

ghostbusters book stacks

Books dripping with ectoplasm. Eeeeeeeek. (As a librarian, all I can't think of is how in the hell do you clean that up?)

If you're interested in more spooky stacks, I found a really fun list of haunted American libraries here

Happy Bookish Halloween! I'm off to introduce my 11-year-old bookworm daughter to a totally awesome movie.

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