Christmas Crafts and Decorations: Book-Themed Ideas

christmas decorations upcycled book long enough

Now that Thanksgiving is over, do you have your tree up? (Me, neither. Here in Florida it's way too hot to buy a live tree this early, unless you like a pile of kindling with ornaments rolling off the branches by Christmas Eve.) But maybe you're thinking about decorating and maybe you even like theme decorating. I've always had a fantasy about an entire room decorated in a book theme for Christmas. And have I found some awesome stuff on the interwebs to share with you, fellow bookworms. Join me while I indulge my dream of book-themed Christmas decor.

First off, let's start with some trees. How about this engineering feat: a tree made of books? 

christmas tree book long enough

I love how they've used different shades of green book covers, and added a rolling base. From Juniper Books via Buzzfeed.

christmas tree lit book long enough

On this one, I love the horizontal and vertical sets of books, along with the lights. Source unknown, uploaded to Pinterest.

But if large-scale intimidates you, a coffee-table sized version is always an option:

christmas tree tabletop book long enough

This is such an adorable, clever idea. From All Things Thrifty.

I also love this version, which incorporates crystal candlesticks. (I'm a bit of a candlestick fanatic):

christmas candlestick trees book long enough

From CreativeTryals. I also think this one is clever and charming, especially with the touch of burlap, which rounds out the upcycled/natural theme:

upcycled christmas tree tabletop book long enough

From Cocoa Daisy, with a link to instructions.

I also think this one is really neat:

upcycled christmas tree craft book long enough

Don't worry if (like me) you can't figure out how to make it, it's for sale from MyWhimsicalLily via Etsy.

Maybe something smaller like ornaments are more your taste. There are so many possibilities when you use the pages of a book as the main material:

christmas ornament book long enough

thebooklishlife on Etsy creates these original glass ornaments filled with text from favorite books. If Harry Potter isn't your taste, they've got Jane Austen, The Hobbit, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, too. How undeniably cute is that?

I also love these:

snowflake ornaments pages book long enough

From, with detailed instructions (yeah!). 

My husband will tell you that I have a slight problem with collecting Christmas wrap and ribbons. I can't help it; I just love presenting a beautifully wrapped gift. Here are some ways to incorporate the book theme into your gift wrap:

christmas gift wrap upcycled book long enough
christmas wrap flowers upcycled book long enough

From via Pinterest.

And let's not leave Frosty out in the cold:

upcycled snowman christmas decoration book long enough
christmas snowman book long enough

Found on Pinterest.

I've always thought a Grinch themed Christmas would be really cool. Check out these possibilities:

From, DolledUpDishes via Etsy, MuralsYourWay via Etsy, and StyleBlueprint.

I also think a 'Twas the Night Before Christmas theme would be a lot of fun:

From Canadian Log Homes, ToeFishArt on Etsy, CambriRae on Etsy, and Finding Home.

There are so many more ideas where these came from! Check out more here: